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People who live in Gingerbread Houses

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Christmas is like Echonip. Err… don’t go there. I aspire to make our home a wonderland the likes of which are only seen in movies. It starts the Saturday following Thanksgiving and lasts into January.

I. Love. It. I wish I could decorate like Will Ferrel in Elf.

I worry that the kids just aren’t INTO IT enough- I mean, when I was a kid, I started anticipating Christmas as soon as my older brother’s birthday passed in early November. Then they camp out under the tree and I feel relieved. They’re not total freaks.

Counting the Dayssm


I like traditions. A lot. Maybe too much. But a new one, just two years old, is the decorating of Gingerbread houses. Angel enjoyed helping me “glue” them together this year. And oh yea- I cut his hair off since his birthday. It abruptly and inexplicably stopped curling (cold weather?) and was just a long, poofy MESS! So we cut it to about 1″. When he saw it cut he smiled hugely and declared, ‘I look FAB-LEE-ES!’ Because he’s four, and that’s how he pronounces fabulous.


AssemblySM GetPumpedSM


Though waiting for them to set was a bit less fun (5 hours! but patience has to be taught, so we did not wait that long hehe).




We went ahead and set up enough for all the boys while it was just the two of us because… FIVE HOURS!!


Agonysm TemptationSM


Finally it was time to decorate.




Too many cooks! How many boys can you count in the next picture? Isaac decorated two houses because he enjoyed it so much. His are the front two, LK is top left corner and the one ‘Angel’ did is the top right corner.




Don’t forget to decorate the village giant, kiddies!


DressTheGiantsm DressTheGiant2sm


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