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Shop Your Stash Saturday – Frugal February Pt 2

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I haven’t felt my best this week and wasn’t sure I was going to get around to posting this at all.

But I kind of need to, because I kind of didn’t do so great last week.

It wasn’t terrible- with not feeling well, overextending myself a little and getting some rotten news I found myself texting Kevin that I was going to shop, and him saying, ‘Go for it.’ I made one splurge, which was the New York Shea and Vitamin E Shower Gel from B&BW in New York Big Apple & Caramel.

I was occupying the kids and went inside the store. They had a handful of these for 75% off, so I bought 4. I’ve done well since, and that was last weekend, so I’m feeling OK with it. TBH, I have no idea how long it will take to use these up, I feel like it is going to be forever! I’ve already been using one all week (in my defense, Angel did dump my bottle of Olay moisture wash in Peach because he likes bubble baths, still working on that with him) and it truly does lather up beautifully. I’ve used only a tiny bit, 4 is going to take a while. But that’s ok. Being stocked up on good-smelling bath stuff isn’t much to complain about.


Back to truly shopping my stash, there is a lot of Apple going on this week! I didn’t plan it, I just noticed it once I’d picked out what all I’ll be using this week.

My candles will be Cinnamon Apple Cider and Caramel Apples by 719 Walnut Avenue. I’ve generally loved candles from this brand. Last year when I did my candle no-buy these scents were new on the shelf. I wanted Caramel Apples more than almost any scent in any line by any company, but by the time I finished my no-buy it was discontinued and sold out everywhere in town! I felt disappointed but I reminded myself there are always other scents.

Then the day B&BW did their $8.50 candle sale (which I did not visit) I stopped at a Walmart for cleaning supplies and since I was on the aisle looked at this candle line and they had some in Caramel Apples! I put one in my basket and was very happy. For some reason, picking up the last thing we needed, I saw a scanner and decided to check it out – it was $2.50! So I bought out the shelf. Whoops?

There were only 3 total, so it wasn’t a big deal. This is still one of my favorite candle scents, but unfortunately the performance by this brand for that whole collection has been pretty terrible. I know that I’ll almost undoubtedly be dumping wax from both of these candles as they burn just to keep them burning. They have tended to put themselves out as the wax doesn’t burn away as fast as the wicks. My house will smell nice, though!


For my kitchen hand soap I’ll be using Winter Candy Apple. I always stock up on the 75% off foaming hand soaps. They don’t dry out my skin and they smell great.


And I’ll be updating the pocket bacs in both my coat pocket and in my purse holder. Winter Candy Apple will probably be hooked to my purse, Candy Cane Bliss in my coat pocket.  Not feeling great reminds me to up my efforts on the germ-fighting front. We always use sanitizer, but when we aren’t feeling awesome we tend to go through it a little faster!


This last body product I’m trying to figure out what to do with. Unfortunately my Sweet Summer Kiss body spray got knocked down somehow, the cap is MIA and the spritzer is completely broken. Using it is a PITA! I think I’m going to make it my go-to scent for the week to see if I can use some of it up, or if it isn’t worth the effort. If I come to that conclusion I’ll just toss it. I don’t want to, but it cost like $3 and isn’t really worth the effort to try to repackage. It’s a disappointment since this was my current favorite of all of my scents, beating out my Kat Von D and my Coach Poppy Flower!


And finally this week I’ll talk about my makeup. As I mentioned last week, I’ll be trying to use L’Oréal’s La Palette Nude 2 for my eyeshadow all week. This palette is a little bit interesting for a drugstore palette as it has 10 shades and 6 of them are matte. I will try to use only this and one blending shade each day and see how I like the way it looks on me. The colors themselves are great so far- a little bit chalky sometimes but usable. I think I feel a little sour toward it because I do like the other one SO VERY MUCH and this one doesn’t live up to the Nude 1 for me. Some like this one better, though- maybe there’s some formula inconsistencies in L’Oréal’s production of these palettes?



And with that we’re done for this week! I hope to continue doing well not spending on things I don’t need/already have, and next week I think my SYSS is going to feature some crafting items! I have been trying not to buy products I don’t need to create with, and by ‘need’ I mean don’t have an immediate plan for. I’m doing pretty well with that. There are essentials- I was assembling gift boxes this week, for example, and I needed treat bags to go inside of them (otherwise the contents would have spilled). It was pretty cool to go to Michael’s, buy exactly what I needed and use my 40% off coupon walking out of there for $1.25 and no guilt.

It’ll be fun to look at my supplies and commit to coming up with something and putting them to use!  It’ll feel good, too : )


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