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Shop Your Stash Saturday – Frugal February

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Every year in February I commit to being more careful with money for the month. After birthdays in October, plus Halloween, then we go right into budgeting and planning for Christmas, followed by all the sales of everything ever in January (I don’t care much for Black Friday- I am a January sales girl), February comes around and I know that I have to break this cycle.

This year, I’ve added a component to this- Shop Your Stash Saturday.

What’s that mean? I go through the things I have and like to buy the most of: candles, body products, makeup, office supplies etc, and I pick out what I plan to use the following week.

Some items will last longer than a week (hand soap, eyeshadow) and some will last less than a week (candles, bath bombs).

This is effective in two ways.

1.) I see what I have and am less inclined to buy more when I acknowledge the glut.

2.) I enjoy what I have and bought because I wanted to use it!

Initially I was going to shame me by outing me for how much ‘stuff’ I have. I could tell you how many candles I’ve bought since completing Project Ten Can. Or I could remind you that I already told you this would happen when I went on my Summer Sales Shopping Spree.

Instead, though, I’m just going to do better for February and then use this SYSS as a reminder to do better going forward.

Until June. By June I’ll have burned through all (or at least most?) of the new candles I’ve acquired (see how I say ‘acquired’ instead of ‘bought’, like someone magicked them to me?). And once they’re all gone I will restock!

Being that my candle hoard is something I’ve been pretty open about (I’ll also say, I don’t quite ‘collect’ anything else like I do candles… except maybe eyeshadow singles? but I think still candles are a good winner), I’ll start there.

This week I plan to try out my Snowed In candle that I got at Walmart after Christmas for $2.49. It smells like peppermint and coconut, but this line of candles doesn’t come with scent descriptions so what each person gets from them isn’t influenced by what the company says. Especially with a candle as vaguely named as ‘Snowed In’. MVP Group International candles (the distributor of this candle) tend to burn hot and fast. I’ve gone through several so far this year, so I don’t expect this to last more than 3-4 days.

After that I’ll burn a couple of my Better Homes and Gardens candles, also from Walmart. I bought a bunch of these last year when they were $1.24. Fresh Cut Frasier is a rare evergreen/pine scent that I enjoy. It smells nice and fresh rather than heavy and cologney. I might burn it alongside Winter Ski Resort, which has a nice, ‘Fireplaces and Snow’ type of scent. Wood, smoke, pine… .

These aren’t the most typical ‘Valentine’s Day’ type of scents, but it has been snowing a lot in Salt Lake City so these are seasonally appropriate for us : )

Walmart 3-Wick Candles

Other after-Christmas Walmart purchases included a lot of products from ‘The Pampery’. I’ll be honest, a lot of why I buy this brand is packaging. It does matter to me, and these are just so stinkin’ cute.

I bought these when they went down to $ 0.50 each. I had considered buying a few before Christmas, but held off and they had a lot left. I personally enjoy the cupcake bath bomb quite a bit. I don’t do a lot of baths with products, so these are a nice, inexpensive indulgence that’s mostly focused around relaxing and not about how much money I’ve spent. I would like to use one cupcake this week and one of the bath salts, if not two of each as I’m a bit achier than usual from all the snowy weather.

I also have several bottles of Velvet Sugar bubble bath from Bath and Body Works that I’ll be indulging in, but I’m certainly not in any rush to get through them. I have enough, I think, to last through June, but I’ll be rationing it a bit just in case. I do want to remember to use my B&BW Fine Fragrance Mists. They don’t have a long scent life, but I do enjoy spritzing them all over after a bath. I tend to buy body sprays and perfumes and then forget about them, though, so I’ll be aiming to finish these up by June.


Office supplies.

I love pens, pencils, notebooks, drawing pads, post it pads, calendars, organizers, folders, page flags, scissors, adhesives of all sorts, planners…

I need to focus on using some of the sticky notes I have. The ones from Bullseye’s Playground at Target are awful. I’ve bought several kinds, from several lines, in several different types and sizes and they don’t stick to ANYTHING! I end up having to tape them up if I need them to stay for any amount of time.

I also have three planners for the year. One is focused on keeping design projects organized and general things for the family, one is for dinner planning and the third is for keeping in my purse so that I can add things I need to while on the go.

I shop a lot for things to organize and streamline my life and my family’s life- I did great the first few weeks in January using my planners. Lately I’ve fallen off a bit, and since I did pay for them (and all the accessories for them) I want to put the effort in to using them and all of the lovely accessories that go with them.


Makeup! Makeup is fun, but shopping for it is even more fun. I don’t know why, but eyeshadow has always had my number. Also nail polish can be a bit of a problem… and blush… and um…

For now, I’m focusing on eyeshadow! I hadn’t bought a new eyeshadow palette since last summer, but in January I returned and rebought a Stila palette (it was a gift, and I loved it, but after Christmas I found it more than 50% off and since I hadn’t yet used mine I returned it and rebought it) and bought both L’oreal La Palette Nude 1 & 2.

I wear makeup most days if I have a foundation I like on hand. Well, when I bought these palettes it was because 1.) I was buying my favorite foundation (which I blow through, it has an SPF of 30 and I use it just about every day for sun protection) and 2.) because the price I’d determined I would buy them if became a reality. I knew I would buy them if I could get them for less than $10 (or right at $10) each. A couple of weeks ago they were Buy One Get One 50% off at Walgreens, which isn’t much of a sale, but it made them $15 each. I had a coupon that was 20% off which made them $12 each and I had $5 in rewards I’d saved specifically for makeup, taking my cost down to $9.50 per palette.

And so I grew my shame.


The La Palette Nude 1 is by far my preferred of the two. I can easily do a complete ‘nude’ eye with it and I’ve already made a dent in shade #2. I want to continue using this palette this week, then maybe ‘challenge’ myself to commit to the La Nude 2 next week.


And that’s it! I hope this post helps me remember to enjoy these things, appreciate them and use them. Some of them I plan to ‘use up’ (those candles) and some I just want to be sure I don’t forget about.

I’ll be making a new ‘use me!’ list next Saturday. I’m trying to be more frugal through February (no frivolous spending!), and I hope these posts will help me save some dough!



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